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Welcome to the Web Page of Mary Lou and Fred.
Welcome to the Web Page of Mary Lou and Fred. 
In April, 2005, we went to Holland for an eight day trip on a river boat on the Rhine and canals in The Netherlands.
This is our river boat, the m.s. River Empress. The photograph was taken in Rotterdam.
Amsterdam has more canals than Venice. We took an evening tour of the canals on this vessel.
Fields and fields of tulips everywhere.
Fantastic floral displays at Keukenhof Gardens.
Keukenhof Gardens
Keukenhof Gardens
A small portion of the Aalsmeer flower auction showing plants which will be shipped all over the world. This building is the size of five football fields. The number one export from Holland is not tulips however but roses, because tulips have a single growing season whereas roses have several.
At the Delft factory in Delft. Very expensive.
In Gouda we had fabulous cheese and troopwafels.
Open air museum at Zaans Schans
At the quaint and traditional Dutch village of Volendam.