Welcome to the Web Page of Mary Lou and Fred.
Welcome to the Web Page of Mary Lou and Fred. 


Yosemite Foot Path
Snow Summit
Rough Seas
Not so Rough Seas
Doe and Fawn
Big Bear Lake Cabin 18 X 24
Quiet Beach
Big Bear Lake, Winter Storm
Sarduci's, San Jaun Capistrano
Savana Swampland 16 X 20
Desert Path
Pensylvania Pond 20 X 24
Mountain Waterfall
Les Andelys 18 X 24
Mt. Cabin
Holland 14 X 28
Mission San Juan Capastrano 18 X 24
Mt. Desert Isl., Acadia Nationa Park #2
Mt. Desert Isl., Acadia National Park #1
Still Waters 17 X 24
Glendora Foothills East
Springtime Barn
Winter Barn
A Man and His Dog
Halifax 16 X 20
Nile River, Egipt
Desert River
About to be a Meal