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Welcome to the Web Page of Mary Lou and Fred.
Welcome to the Web Page of Mary Lou and Fred. 
Alaska is a beautiful place. We were a week cruising the Inside Channel making a number of stops. Then we spent two days in Anchorage, two in Fairbanks and an overnight at the Denali National Park.
Creek Street in the quaint village of Ketchikan.
In Ketchikan we took a ride in this float plane to view the fjords.
Here is Ketchikan as seen from the plane. Our cruise ship is the Holland American Statendam.
Window view.
The plane landed on a lake high in the mountains.
We got out and are standing on one of the pontoons, or rather, hanging on for our lives.
We hiked to Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau.
Looking down on Juneau. The large ship docked behind ours is the Celebrity Summit. We cruised on it in the Caribbean over New Year's Eve in December of '02/'03.
In the summer, in Fairbanks, flowers are everywhere. Note this house has two "flower beds" in its front yard.
Typical home along the Chena river that flows through Fairbanks. Note that they have a car, a boat, and an airplane.
Here we are standing under the Alaska pipe line north of Fairbanks.
Traveling by scenic domed train from Fairbanks to Denali National Park.
Traveling by domed train from Denali to Anchorage.
Mt. McKinley as seen from our train as we traveled to Anchorage. The conductor said that it was rare to see Mt. McKinley this clearly as it is usually obscured by clouds..